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Rising russian artist with the studio in Saint-Petersburg, during the last few years showed new way of presenting art works (most of all installations and kinetic objects) to the audience. Mainly working in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, his projects are filled with intertextuality and each of them involves the "reader" into a process of creating. Every project is a collaboration with views to reality, it reflects immortal questions and remains in the present time and problems of humanity nowadays. Trying stays in the direction on the conception that was laid down in the 20-30-s, the artist goes into present time with new materials and experience of present generation, forward to a future history.

One of the important aspects of installations of Milk and Vodka is an open information to the viewer that is laid down in the art work. Installations work on the level of perception dynamically, it is a catalyst for reactions of the audience who are into it. Knowledge from the field, for example, psychology, allows art-group to influence the psychology of the viewer, by passing logical thinking and causing feelings reactions. Milk and Vodka uses new materials, technologies, ways of constructing space significantly expanding range of courses available for the interaction of an artist and a viewer.

During the last years artist was making exhibitions and projects with private galleries, as far as with significant projects for contemporary art in Russia and national and international institutions, such as State Russian Museum (Saint-Petersburg) and EU community. "My Moscow" (kinetic installation) that was made specially for main art-center in Moscow WINZAVOD in the project for rising russian artists, is nominated to Kandinsky Prize (final round for now) (the main russian independent award) for the nominee "project of the year among young artists" with the final exhibition in Moscow and ongoing projects.